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He received a burial with full military honors.Community members visited Geesey Ferguson Funeral Home this afternoon to honor the sacrifice of Sergeant Smith and to remember the woman who loved him most.SFC. Smith and his wife, Zokie, had been married for four years when Smith was deployed to Korea behind both Zokie and their two year old daughter, Melinda.In the Spring of 1951, Zokie received the news that her husband was missing.status of being missing in action was particularly difficult to her, said Scott Trahan, the grandson of Zokie and Lawrence.Zokie waited for decades.think this is what so hard for me now I know how she would feel if she was here, said Melinda Crowley, Lawrence and Zokie daughter.Zokie passed away in 2006, but today the legacy of Lawrence and Zokie lives on through their family and a community that remembers.After the memorial service, a procession transported the casket to North Hanks Cemetery for a burial with full military honors.For most of their lives Zokie and Lawrence were on opposite sides of the world, but now, in death, they finally reunited.had her remains moved into the same grave site as him, and had a stone cut with their names together on it, said Melinda. They together now.

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