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“I don’t think anyone who knows anything about crime would agree that more police equals less crime,” Newsham tells Loose Lips. “Does the city want to pay for 4,200 officers when we don’t need them? It’s a tax strain, and there are strategies to reduce crime other than to say let’s hire a bunch of cops. I’m not so sure a lot of thought went into the plan that was laid out.”.

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replica snapbacks No one ever said the word “sex,” or even “vagina,” to me. We had no clue. We were like, “It’ll work out.” It never worked out. And women, of course. The country had just elected a man who said it was perfectly acceptable to grab women “by the pussy” and who has talked about rolling back the country’s reproductive rights and gutting health services that serve women. It was a march organized by and for women, but men were welcome and they showed up in the thousands, some wearing T shirts that said “nasty woman.” Other men, in sisterly solidarity https://www.replicasnapbacks.com/, wore pink knitted “pussyhats.” Many brought their children, wearing superhero costumes and carrying signs that said, “girl power.” replica snapbacks.

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